My focus is you and your story, your goals, your life. Let me give you a bit of a boost.



Why you?

Despite what you hear about inflated resumes and exaggerated service claims, most people would rather have their teeth drilled than stand up and tell the world they're wonderful. 

Yet every business situation in some way, shape or form is asking these questions. 

Why should I believe in you?
Why should I follow you?
Why should I put my trust in you?

Find your answers in a way that's easy, authentic and powerful. 



Who's Telling Your Story?

If you're not, then someone else is. And they're probably getting it wrong. 

From defining your brand narrative, to crafting astounding success stories, to painting the picture of your future, story is the tool that opens hearts, minds and wallets. 

Find out how your natural storytelling strengths can go to work for you.



The Power of Presence

In our hyper-connected, perpetually distracted world, presence is a differentiator. Top leaders have it, and others can attain it.

Learn how to really connect with audiences from one to one thousand. Make others feel important, be a calm leadership presence and get more done. Set aside the frenzy and become one of those magical people of presence. 



The Optimisim Playlist

We put our bodies on a diet. Why not our brains? Every week we post a new song on our Optimism Playlist blog. That's the inspiration for this talk where you'll learn how to change your brain with laughing, smiling, movement and music.

Looking for a pick-me-up or a way to relieve nerves? Look no further than this fun and fact-filled session to give you a boost today and and day hereafter.