I am an anxious and adventurous traveler. Preparation gives me the gift of relaxation. I love to know as much as possible about a place before I visit. I read the guidebook before I go. I am alarmed when I meet people who show up without one.

I travel alone a lot, so I always tell someone where I’m going and let them know when I’ve arrived. I usually book at least my first night in a new place in advance. I make lists. I check them off.

This may seem ridiculous to real adventure travelers, but I cannot count the times those who do less advance planning rely on me for directions, recommendations, my currency cheat sheet, my Ziploc bags, or my ability to make change (I carry paper, plastic, traveler’s checks and bills small and large, both local currency and U.S. dollars).

If I have time, I read books about the places I’m visiting, or take along books relevant to the culture and geography. I always give a lot of thought to what I want to read on the road.

Once there, I enjoy the unexpected that comes with a different place, unique culture and new people.

I hope you find these resources helpful for planning your adventures, so you too can let go and enjoy the experience.

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