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Have you reached your potential,
or are you just successful?

I founded bluefeet, a creative company inspired by the blue-footed boobies of the Galapagos Islands to help organizations and individuals reach their potential by finding clarity in the chaos and turning that into a catalyst.

For starters, let’s stamp out corporate speak. People want to connect, but they get lost in the spreadsheets, jargon and just plain boring stuff.

Behavioral economics tells us we are not the rational creatures we think we are. And yet organizations, executives and entrepreneurs continue to ignore the heart. Not on my watch.

I give people permission to tap into their natural storytelling strengths, be who they really are, and speak how they really speak.

I help CEOs (chief excitement officers) and CIOs (chief inspiration officers) define their vision and turn it into content and campaigns that people get – in an instant.

 It pains me to see people under value, under sell, under bid and under communicate. That’s why I developed the bluefeet method to help uncover, discover and even recover what makes you extraordinary. So you can get the job or career you want and succeed in whatever role you choose.

I’m a maximizer – if you’re ready to go, I can take you there.

Wanna ride?