I run bluefeet, an executive branding and communications firm that gives people permission to tell stories and speak the way they really want to—like human beings. Every day I get to listen to and help people create the stories that move them beyond success.

The best part is, our clients get to be none other than themselves, often far more than they are today. Someone thought that was cool, so Pasadena Magazine proclaimed me a Power Woman.  

In high school, I was the only person in junior honors English who did not get into senior honors English. I flunked the grammar test. Hard to believed I went on to get a top-notch journalism degree and become the editor of choice for one of the toughest journalists in town. But that's my story.  Some of my work even gets published from time to time. You can check out more on my blog.  

I've done just about everything one can do in communications, so I'm in my element working with top-notch pros at bluefeet in strategy, writing and design. I've worked corporate & agency; domestic & international; internal & external. 

Prior to bluefeet I was a VP at CitizenRelations (formerly PainePR) and FleishmanHillard International. Before that I worked in Australia and the Middle East. I'm proud to be a product of a public university with a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri.

If I'm out of the office, I'm probably on a meditation retreat, increasing my powers of concentration, clarity and equanimity.